hi! i'm kris

Hey there! Just wanted to tell you a bit about myself, I'm a Christ follower, family man, Air Force veteran, filmmaker/story teller and  adventurer. I enjoy the simple things in life like my dog, a good Netflix series or movie, and spending time with family and friends reminiscing about the past. 

My passion for wedding films started in the vast beauty that is Alaska, I had my drone and my small Sony camera and began editing little travel films. But I knew it was missing something, it was missing that human element! Voices, smiles, tears, and laughter. Long story short I found a mentor and fell in love with creating wedding films and capturing moments that will only live on through video. Rest assured that I aim to be your guide on such a special day, be observant for those intimate moments and piecing together a priceless memory that will carry on your love story for generations. 

Your wedding photos are so important because they freeze that precious moment in time. And with me your wedding film will allow you to relive that moment in real time. See the tears fall, hear the laughs, and hear the voices of loved ones at the click of the play button. It's truly a magical thing and something I don't take lightly. Rest assured the moments that can NEVER be replicated will be captured every time!  

- Kris Alexander 

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